1 May 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Unexpected Adventure in Blenheim

Live Wire

Live Wire

It is known to occur in young adults of my body type, and completely by itself as happened while driving towards Wellington for my flight to Blenheim on Saturday afternoon. Apart from the fact that I was having to hunch from the pain and breathe fast and shallow, my plans to continue on to the Honda Kids camp in St Arnaud only started looking shaky when I researched my symptoms online during the short flight over NZ’s Cook Straight and realised that I really should get it checked out.

Too Late

Too Late

What they eventually found is basically what Wikipedia conveniently calls a PSP, a hole in my lung that kept me in Blenheim for the night, and a good thing too as by the next morning the air pocket had grown and I had a half collapsed lung. I was literally full of hot air (more than usual you might say) and the small operation that followed was both successful and a relief, the only down sides being the worry it caused for those close to me and the fact that when I did finally arrive at St Arnaud around noon on Monday, everybody had left.

Skye's the Limit

Skye’s the Limit

Still the show must go on and that was a one on one with Kirk Hay at Biggsy’s place near Brightwater. I really enjoy working hard with Kirk and we helped him get back on track with both his rut skills and corner speed before tidying up his ability to handle jumps and bumps. Next time it will be whip work, which is exactly what I ended up focusing on with the Edwards girls the next day.

They were already standing so well that we moved to whip practice, using their dads spray paint to mark where their wheels should follow to help them lean the other way. It turned out to be a very successful morning as it taught them how to handle the bike kicking sideways in the air, so I am just hoping we get to work with them again before too long so we can really help their confidence.

With the help of Daniel Woolley who’s van I borrowed, then my sister and Josh Bartoshs mother once again I continued north to finally arrive home to give Sarah a big hug. And she didn’t squeeze too hard.

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  1. Terry Casserly,

    Good to hear you mended well. Sounded scary though!
    All the best.

    Terry C.

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