2 December 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Up and Down Middle Earth

pete_3To say that teenagers can be stubborn is an understatement. Fortunately this quality can also be used for good, as we discovered at Dylan Ryan’s track near Matamata.

Father and son were “trail ride only” kind of guys, as was their friend Julian who joined them for the session. Fortunately they were also keen to give anything a go, including this MX track. They soon discovered the fun of berms and jumps, but it was the big hills that I was interested in helping them with the most.


                                   Up ‘n Over

pete_1Coming back up to where the cars were parked was a serious affair. The hill was fairly steep, made even more intimidating by a 10 foot step up jump near the top. It is nothing huge in MX terms, but enough to punish bad technique.

Once again it was a matter of powering right off the top of the ramp with their head past the handlebars. The main problem with teenagers is an unconscious refusal to bend at the waist, so this required some downhill work as well.

Outback NZ

Finding a sharp little decent, I forced them to stay well over the front right to the edge of the drop. The plan was to keep their back straight by bending properly at the waist so that when the front dropped down the steeper part they would then be able to get their weight back without their arms going straight. The only problem was that they would also need to get even lower to the bike; which meant finding a big stick.

pete_4Having to duck under some kind of bar is always good motivation to get low. Picking just the right place to hold it is important, because if I was up near the flat ground where the front hadn’t dropped yet, they would get low too early and then have nothing left when the front continued to drop. Held in the right place it has great effect, and soon everything was coming together nicely.

Once Mark had this down, there was now no stopping him. He stubbornly refused to go back to his old style, even when you could see that his natural reaction was telling him to do something different. It was a brilliant thing to see and made his father a happy man, especially when both of the young fellers started jumping bigger than ever with great control. I think we may be seeing more of these guys.

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