5 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Ups and Downs- Taming big rutted hills

These bootcampers were no stranger to big hills, but I think they would agree it was a little hairy at times. We fixed that.

First was the issue of front brake. Some were not using it at all because their front wheel would slide out when they did. I had to show them when to use it, as in this video.

For Big and Small

It was the perfect time to master their standing, with strength coming through their knees gripping the seat and flexibility through bent arms. This especially made a big difference for some of the dads. Their efforts were rewarded with some safe decents down some particularly nasty hills and a show at the bottom.

They say that what goes up must come down. Therefore the opposite must also be true. We hammered some big uphills too- although you could say that they hammered us.

The Power

Getting gears right was obviously important, but the biggest gain came through putting all their weight through one footpeg or the other when they were getting off line.

Standing was key to this trick, and this time their efforts were rewarded by getting all of them up the biggest hill we could find. Skids in the big mud pit was just the bonus.


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