20 March 2012 / Broxy Racing

Upset at the Final Round

A mother duck is much like a top sportsman- to succeed you need all your ducks in a row. As a motocrosser I had a great, injury free run of practice and training all the way up to the final round at Taupo. My support crew was enthusiastic, sponsors supportive and a Bel-Ray/ Botany Honda CRF250R doing the business. Unfortunately I had two things out of place- my starts and my groove. The starts was due to a lack of practice on the pumicey soil and the groovliness was due to a practice/ qualifying where I never found a good rhythm I could use to start pushing safely with.

Scotty, Broxy and Kade

Qualifying in 13th I lined up to the inside which is a great way to sneak around the inside of everyone through that chaotic first turn. Despite pretty bad jump off the gates (Duck #1) and then getting held up a bit by a rider sliding in front of me I was in a good position as I railed around John Phillips- or so I thought. Suddenly changing lines he jumped into what I had chosen as my rut and I went down in a massive heap. Fortunately no one rubbed in my embarrassment by running me over and I picked up the bike and started my charge from last. That was the only time I can remember something like that to happen, unfortunately it was soon repeated a few laps later where another rider I was passing suddenly changed lines and I went down again, this time getting stuck in the fence. Starting my second charge through the pack it was made clear to me that I was not meant to do well in this race when my bike suddenly died a few more laps later, losing all the positions I had made up. All my kicking only confirmed the bike was not going to go. I checked the fuel and checked the kill switch mechanism but no problems there so in a desperate bid I checked the spark plug lead. It gave me a satisfying pop as I pushed down on the lead and a few kicks later she fired back to life and I started charge number three, managing to make it back to 20th place at the chequered flag.

Trying to find the Zone

Despite my best attempts the second race was worse in a different way. I managed 8th place but achieved it without any of the pace or rhythm I have been building and finished without hardly a bead of sweat on my brow, while Rhys Carter, my competition for third place overall in the championship got a great start and went on to win the race.

This time I was determined to change things and practiced some starts out the back of the track before race three. This helped me to a better start but my groove was miles out of line (Duck #3) and while I was pushing hard it was horrible, finished by a fall on a random corner that not only took me out of a chance for third overall but finished Scotty Columbs chance at winning the Championship as well. Daryll King went on to win the race and the Championship while I clawed my way back to 10th place with Rhys Carter right behind, enough to give him the podium overall while I was to take fourth.

My team and sponsors deserved at least a podium for this years series so I was disappointed to not give that to them. The consolation comes in having been able to race with them to the top of this years podium a number of times and still end up injury free with a top 5 finish overall. And all is not lost with a great year on the horizon including some very exciting prospects for all so stay tuned.

Broxy’s 2012 MX Nationals Campaign was proudly supported by Bel-Ray, Botany Honda, Pirelli, Backflips, Yoshimura, TCX, Ariete, Troy Lee Designs, RK, Braking, Suomy and of course the lovely Sarah!

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