1 January 2013 / Broxy Racing

Valley Champs Topsy Turvy

Along with the confirmation of its place in the senior nationals series for 2013, came a magnet strong enough to pull riders from all over the North Island, including myself of course. The MX2 class was stacked with talent, with the 450 class close behind, including such names as Michael Phillips, Nick Saunders and Daryll King.

Valleys 2012

Watching the MX2 class in particular was fierce, with semi-local Ethan Martens on a mission aboard his YZ250 to control the lead in race one and two, making work hard for eventual winner Kayne Lamont, also aboard the two stroke machine.

Slow Start

My day was a bit up and down to begin after a good start then mistake that caused Michael Phillips to go down and put me far enough back in the pack that I could only manage a third place. I really wasn’t riding very well up to that point, but managed to turn my day around after that.

Finding Form

Daryll had won that race convincingly but after a holeshot, I was able to hold the lead for two thirds of the race, getting much more confidence into the fast ruts when gripping the seat through the bumps into the turns, then opening up my chest when powering hard out of the bumpy turns. Proving he was faster still, I played a bit of a game while in the lead, resting through the tight sections and giving it heaps where he was able to make the passes. It was a lot of fun racing such an experienced rider who I could trust out on the track.

Early Exit

The final race saw me pull out after the crank on my practice bike decided it had done its dash, while Michael Phillips found the form we know him for, able to stay close enough that when Daryll made an uncharacteristic mistake, Michael was able to run away with the win.
A consolation was the $50 I won for the holeshot which just happened to be the only race which had such a prize. Another was the awesome help that M-Spec Racing was able to give in fixing my bike at short notice during a crazy time of year to get me back practicing for the big races this summer. Keep your eye on this spot!

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