29 June 2012 / Featured Events

Waikato Fever 2012

There is no show quite like the Fieldays, bringing in people of many walks. From the early days when my Grandfather helped set up the very first one, the Fieldays have exploded into a circus of exhibits, enough to make your head spin.
Our preparation may be small in comparison to most, but with my bike to prepare in race-ready condition along with enough printing and T-Shirts to keep a small school running, there was little time for mucking around- especially when I had a days worth of coaching to perform at Patetonga just the day before. 
Arriving at the orange track having dropped off my load of Fieldays gear the night before, we were treated with tacky clay that equalled loads of traction. The Waugh brothers started us off and were followed by Ryan Webley, before the brother and sister duo of the Burge family. We used every part of the track in our search for skills, apart from young Molly who we kept to a loop on the starting straight. Plenty of talent this day to keep an eye on!

Standing Out

The next four days you would have been able to find us down the back of the Honda Marquee, behind my number four bike and Ben Townley’s number 1 machine. Anyone that wanted to see Honda’s Big Red MUV doing its thing out the back would pass by our position, which definitely the case every time the V8 chainsaw started up next door.
We had our latest T-Shirts for sale amongst the others we have produced over the years, along with posters, stickers and a prize draw we were holding for those keen enough to have a go at our quiz. With 135 entries, Samantha Green was our winner. It wasn’t an easy quiz! Only 16 people got all 6 questions correct. Being on the 2013 CRF450R that is coming out, the answers were a guess for most but even those that had done their research were tripped up. We may be using it again; not to get a laugh but to keep those brains ticking.

Different Hats

Our man Dan joined me on the stand for Wednesday and Thursday, in the process of which he dared me to have a go at the mechanical bull; something I was not keen to try but saw me go back time and again after enjoying a bit of the thrill that sees those crazy cowboys do their thing. I reckon we could do with a motorcycle version of that! 
Sarah and the girls did the next two days with us, with Townley himself signing autographs on the Thursday and Friday which was a welcome addition, and something he genuinely seemed to enjoy.
In typical Fieldays style the craziness hit on Friday with what must have been thousands of people passing through. Perhaps some kind of strong sports drink may have helped slow down our perception of the busy-ness but it only lasted four or five hours before we could breathe again- an adrenaline buzz all its own.
No doubt the best thing about the whole event is catching up with those we have worked with before and meeting new ones. We hope to be back again next year for more good times, and seeing as Honda once again won the prize for Best Large Site we feel good about those chances.

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