23 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Waimate- Farm kids

The email address “mike.mullet@…” should have tipped me off as to who I was coaching. It had been almost ten years since I had been there, long enough for the next generation to have arrived. This was Waimate, and I was now coaching the son of this man with a very distinctive hairstyle who had been a teenager when I saw them last.

Not Uncle Ronnie

It was a great example for people from farming communities of what we can do for your young ones. Just one afternoon with these kids on their trail bikes got them hyped up and calmed down at the same time. By that I mean they got to really enjoy something that they already love, while learning how to do it far better than they ever would have otherwise.

It was funny how the comment of “You are the best teacher ever” came after I had goofed around doing a funny demonstration for the kids that showed the difference between good and bad technique. These kids can really relate to the rough and ready style of someone like Ronnie Mac, but also knowing that he is an example of what not to do most of the time. To give you an idea of what that looks like, just picture what straight arms would do to a rider going up and over big hills and jumps.

Just the fact that I am not their dad is a big positive when it comes to learning, not to mention the fact that I may have learned a few things during my years of full time coaching. Even the parents don’t mind when their kid says, “You’ve been teaching me the wrong thing!”

Worth A Try

Just get in touch with us. Once the word gets out that we are coming to your area there is a good chance that more locals will want to join in on the session than you even anticipated, and with farmers doing pretty well at the moment there is no better time to be giving your kids this kind of experience that will help them fully make the most out of their awesome position as a farm kid.

Finally, here is some feedback posted on our Facebook page. “Amazing day my son couldn’t even start his bike on his own and by the end of the day he was doing jumps! The smile on his face at the end was worth so so much! Can’t wait to have you back again Broxy! Thanks ?”

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