2 June 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Waiotira Once More

In Years Past

In Years Past

There have been countless adventures at the Honda Kids Camp venue of Waiotira, so to be back there again felt like home.

Woodhill had been the planned destination but due to some issues the camp went ahead in the hills of Northland once more. I certainly wasn’t complaining. I knew exactly where the coaching was going to happen.

Turning It Up

Try Again

Try Again

In the humps where Bryan and Tom had done a riding demonstration for the kids many moons ago is a circuit perfect for testing those important hill climbing skills. The riders could make it as difficult as they liked by cutting the track a little tighter every time, with many of them challenging themselves to the limit.

Downhill skills were first. Some people find it hard to stand down a steep hill, some struggle to sit, so my job is tuning their style until they can do both comfortably; hopefully without too many scary moments.

Sheep Ruts

Sheep Ruts

Turning it around and the sheep ruts then reared their sharp heads when charging up hill. Gears are essential with the best riders able to chop down a gear when they need to without backing off the throttle. Not many people master this, but it meant they had plenty of practice learning how to spin their bike around when it falls the wrong way.

Easy Does It

One of my final sessions was a group of ladies. Perhaps they expected me to force them up the most challenging lines straight away as they seemed rather nervous, which is probably fair enough. We did get them up and down those steep hills we just up skilled them first using plenty of easy terrain and patience.

Whether we will return to this venue is unsure. Whatever the case there are plenty of good memories to be had of this little slice of motorcycling paradise.

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