1 December 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Wairarapa Mud and Dust

The title above is not entirely correct. The private track where we held our first session just minutes from the Moonshine track, 30 minutes north of Wellington was not mud at all as Mark and Patrick were back for more. 

Since seeing Patrick last time, he had finished a marathon in just over 3 hours and seriously increased his skills on the motorbike, matching his new Scorpion radiator brace and Magura hydraulic clutch.

Mark, on the other hand found it was during our session that a whole bunch of things clicked. Reader, I hope you know the feeling because it is a good one. Unfortunately one suggestion of mine also led to a sore back, while another hill I had gone up led to some very sore knuckles when Mark tried going back down. Sorry mate!

The penultimate round of Moonshines club series was on the next day and unfortunately, true to form, it brought the rain with it. That didn’t stop the Monster Energy reps from turning up and getting amongst it, and I tried to pull whatever whips and thumbs up I could while they posed for a photo in the pouring rain.

I really enjoyed catching up with the Kapi Mana crew down there and getting a good run down on how their transponder system works. It almost feels like something out of Revelations to have a chip stuck to the peak of your helmet but I’m pretty sure it isn’t the mark of the Beast.

I had to get going because Braddick Hall had organized a group of Manawatu riders to meet at their club track for more coaching. While we were there a number of top riders filtered to the same place as us, simply because there was absolutely no rain on this side of the mountains even though just 40 minutes away from Moonshine. 

It was Yamaha against Honda, uncoached versus the two I had worked with before, who also got an extra hours coaching in because of the late arrival of their mates. On the blue team there was Quinn who got his corner entry sorted by sitting forward and leaning back while Johnny also got the weight out of his front wheel in the soft turns. In the red corner Brad definitely won the battle of the scrubs while Sam improved his straight line stability massively.

Not everything is a competition though (so I am told), heading home again satisfied with some good work done.

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