4 November 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Wairoa Going Large

DSC_0874Our last camp here at Wairoa must have worn out most of the locals. This month saw most of our riders come from all ends of the East Coast, so it was fortunate that we had a great set up to welcome them to!
Able to choose from the fun and forgiving MX track or the Maize paddock was a nice addition. Melissa was back to be camp mum, and once again we had the Aberdeen Hall to enjoy. The recent flooding had dried out, as had the track, just in time. We were in for a treat.


DSC_0854_2Drill Sargeant

I sensed early on that there was a need for authority here, so I got stuck into Bootcamp mode, complete with threats of punishment. This must have worked as most of the riders got back into the style that they knew I wanted to see with only a handful of pushups required.

The evening was spent with the lads basically taking care of themselves, after they had cleaned their bikes and done air filters. Playing Bullrush with Nerf guns was their idea, and a brilliant one at that.

DSC_0888 Fighting Fit

Once again Day two was even better, the skills coming more naturally and bodies warmed up for action. Even the Maize paddock didn’t seem quite so intimidating, aside from the start practice we did there where all the riders went at once.

Well and truly done by 3pm that afternoon with fuel tanks empty, I can confidently say that the bike time had done them good.

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