1 March 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Wanganaki Wandering

Group Shot!

Group Shot!

The Manuka Park facility of Darren Patene’s must be one of, if not the best practice track in NZ.

Laurent absolutely loved it, as did most of the others who joined us for some coaching. Aboard a pair of CRF150R’s, Jaxon and Drew had the ultimate conditions. It was far from easy work for them as we used our laptimers a lot, and my challenge was to avoid pushing them too hard.

High Flying

As the wind picked up, so did the bike size. The highlight of that next group was seeing Seth nail some doubles that had caught him out at our previous session, hardly phased by the gale now blowing. Chase also stepped it up by mastering a bunch of jumps that had been too much for him, standing low to the bike until he was ready for anything.

Making the session an after school event worked in for young prodigy Hayden Smith as well, whose “Twitch” whips we encouraged, along with his intensity thanks to the timers.

Railing Time

Railing Time

Messing Me Up

That night we moved to the mansion of Larry Blair’s sleep out in preparation for a big Saturday near Stratford. This was AJ’s track, and it was impressive.

The layout was enough to keep me confused for some time with a tunnel really messing up my sense of direction as I tried to pick where the riders would come next, beginning with Adam and Josh Loveridge aboard some more 150’s.

New and Old

They were followed by an old favourite, Zak Hetherington, and someone we had never quite coached before; this years womens champion at Woodville, Tayla Rampton. You can never get too good, and after some hard work we think she is on the right track to even better things.

After that, Cameron, Jesse and Ben were three 65’s riders that turned out to be a great group, but they weren’t the last. Starting at 4pm was Larry our host, joined by Sam who was also new to our coaching, but game enough to try the biggest rut with the best of them. Larry’s break through was to avoid trying to lift his front wheel over a bump at the end of the rut, instead just aiming to power through it. His smile said it all, a good way to finish at a new track.

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