6 September 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Wanganui Going Strong

Wanganui last month was massive. Riders of all abilities came out of the woodwork after a couple of wet months, some of them cautious, while others were ready to rumble!

Those that needed care were taken to the start straight of the mini track, or even had me running alongside them in the pits area. It was a crucial tactic, taking as much fear out of the equation as possible. It was also very effective, and while it may have looked like I was being too careful with them, they quickly learned trust. I was impressed with how quickly Conrad could pick up the standing position at just 6 years of age.

Jaxon Watt has found his form. I’ve coached him from way back in 2009 but he has really clicked lately thanks to the Wanganui MCC Academy. He can now do all those things I had been talking about for so long, plus more. It was fun watching him do a rut really well, then hear him tell Logan how it was partly because he finally decided to do what I had been nagging him about for so long.

The last group was my favourite bunch of lads, being Larry Blair and his mates from New Plymouth. They had either been off-shore or unable to ride much of the winter, making them extra keen on a sunny Saturday morning.

Larry was doing some incredible cornering, but it was the improvement from the other boys that I was so stoked on. David got his jumping dialed once his head got past the bars. Michael is now able to rail ruts and stand well, while Mike was actually whipping on purpose. It was well worth the sacrificed Saturday, topping off a brilliant trip.

The Wanganui club has done such a good thing for its local riders. I also want to say a big thanks to Colin and family for having me stay, plus a big thanks to Terry for grooming the track. I had a very sweet moto before heading home.

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