24 June 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Wanganui- Logan McDougal-Smith

It was one of those great runs where my riders are understanding and doing everything I ask of them. It had been almost two years since we had worked together so he knew the drill. We just needed to go to the next level with a couple of extreme skills.


We had to break the invisible barrier that seemed to stop his head from getting past the handlebars when powering hard. But first, I needed to get him powering hard.

“Work your thumb forward and pinkie finger backward to get the throttle to the stop. Twist your wrist rather than dropping your elbow.”

After this you could really hear the motor working, but the bike wasn’t really handling the main bump as she headed up the hill so it was time to break that invisible barrier.

“With the ball of your feet on the peg and toes pointed in to the seat you know you won’t get thrown forward if you suddenly slowed down. This way you can get your head way past the handlebars which is actually the balance point when powering hard up a hill.”

It would have been scary to do, but he could totally feel how much better the bike handled and it looked great.

Opening Up

Logan’s front brake and throttle control was great in the turns, but when it came to corner entry there was some ironing to do.

The most noticeable example was a really nice berm straight after a small jump. Most people land somewhere in the middle of the track and need the classic brake slide to make it happen. In my eyes it is a real killer of corner speed so I got him to try something different.

We had already worked on getting wide before a turn and he responded well, but this was next level because he had to jump across the track a little and land rather close to the edge. It is a skill that the good Supercross riders do all the time, and all he needed was a push in the right direction as he had the ability.

It was incredibly fast, but probably didn’t feel that impressive because of how smooth it was. Hopefully he takes that confidence and runs with it, just like the “Rocketman” we worked on earlier. They are both scary things to do, yet well within the capabilities of an up and coming rider like Logan.

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