27 July 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Warmer As The Days Go By

It was a white view that greeted us on a chilly Monday morning, Timaru saving its coldest frost of the year just for us. The ponds were frozen enough to walk on and the ground was just as solid but with a blue sky and a bit of care there was no stopping this mid winter skating session.

Daniel Brosnahan got to wear things in first before Jason Begbie found his way to join in. After them Johnny Gould and Tegan got standing sorted by starting with a short rut and growing from there. Cade got past his front wheel getting caught in the soil, Josh found his bike going much better with the clutch out just a bit more. The rider getting his upper body working was Ryan but the best part of a group like this is they could all learn off each other’s experiences as well as their own.


Jayden Gardner took advantage of a last minute change in plans to get some one on one only to be drilled by Broxy who really put him through his paces, pushing to get a tough corner a full second quicker and then getting it consistent. His reward was a short jumping session where he could do some whips with Broxy after it was all over.

We made it two days at Pleasant Point when Jeremy McKnight’s girlfriend Megan showed she had some talent, making a difficult track look not bad at all before Jayde found his way there after weaving his way around an accident blocking off Ashburton on his way down from Christchurch. From the feedback that they and the session after them gave us about what they learned there was definitely no worries as to their satisfaction.

Craig too quick

Seeing as the afternoon was free Broxy invited Craig Smith to come for a ride, joined by Josh May who is also riding well after injury. There was no hiding the fact that Craig wasted Broxy on this occasion, riding very well and on good form to race the Australian Super–X this year with the support of Timaru Honda.  Watch this space.

From there it was a stop to check out the May’s awesome MX track, then a gym session with Craig before an early morning at Outram, south west of Dunedin. The 150R bikes were going strong with Jade and Jayden on board, loving their four strokes. After taking a ride on one of these bikes, Broxy discovered why they couldn’t brake quick which a bit of tuning on the stoppers fixed.

Also out that day was Ryan aboard his new KTM65. There was no stopping this little rocket, especially after doing some more work on his standing and using those higher gears. There can’t be many jobs as satisfying as this!

Balclutha Bonanza

Piggy going big

Piggy going big

The number of riders shot through the roof when we got to Balclutha. The club is doing very well for the junior and mini riders at the moment and was keen to see some quality training go to their kids, even able to work out a discount for their riders which was a nice surprise for them all. The mini track was icy for Brady and Tate for their separate one on one sessions, making for the odd spill and some cold toes. Maybe it was the ice or a lucky egg hidden somewhere but there was a definite bob-sled type boost down the next straight after using the high part of a berm early in their corners. Learning to deal with the slippery conditions was proven when spins were basically eliminated without sacrificing speed using some crafty turning spots on the better soil.

By that time the senior track was incredible. The group of 85’s were spoilt with loads of traction and soft ground as they learnt real corner speed and staying low over jumps and through rollers.

The next morning carried on just as good with a group of older junior riders, followed by another couple of good sessions which included some 65’s almost getting the table tops down. Some senior riders were last of all. Jayden Sutton was one of them having been motivated to get back into the riding after a big break.

Warmest Cold

The last stop for this trip was Mike Bells place near Winton where we were greeted with the warmest frost of them all, Broxy able to thaw out around mid morning and had very few problems on the track. Nathan was first growing in maturity and speed, it was hard to keep up. Another two riders to stand out were Conrad White and Fergus Brock. It was the first time Broxy had coached them aboard their 125’s and they were definitely flying, a very good sign for the health of Southland MX. It was a very full day with many good riders but the Suzuki boys gave a real high to finish the tour where Broxy was able to help them clear not only the large FMX style double but also the next two up the hill – which look very large when a small wheel 85 is flying over them!

Stand out supporters for the trip definitely goes to the Balclutha club but every one of the track owners and families that helped in a big way deserve a big thankyou – the Mcknights, the Batchelors, Mike Bell to the Suttons of Balclutha Honda. The trip couldn’t have been better.

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