31 July 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Watery Burnouts For Everyone!

If you are one of a hundred young people right in the middle of a Speedcross race, it seems a bit mean to not be able to ride a bike yourself. So I came up with something of a solution.

A Time To Rejoice

This year marked a massive 40 years for Blue Wing Honda’s support of the Young Farmers awards and we celebrated with possibly the coolest activity we could think of. Ten quick local riders including NZ number 2 Junior rider Trent Collins, past Junior Champion Lee Mckinstry and myself on a track that begged block passes and big whips.

When close to a hundred young people arrived they were greeted with bikes sailing through the air and a barbeque. They got a welcome and I gave them a five minute talk that included instructions on how to use the bikes I had set up for them. They were able to start them, rev them up and change into gear, but there was one catch; they couldn’t actually go anywhere. Even if they wanted to.

A Time To Build Up

While the other riders and I had a series of epic battles followed by what you could call an expression session, the kids took turns revving the bikes on their limiter and throwing roost out the back. The roost was a continual stream of water that I had running through the channels holding the wheels of the bigger bikes. The CRF250X and 150R were tied firmly onto my bike trailer while the CRF125 and 110 were fully operational on the dirt minus a chain to make it go anywhere. Only once did we need to give any of the bikes a rest as it got a little hot, otherwise the whole activity seemed a great success.

So with giveaways in hand they loaded themselves back into their bus, leaving the Stadium bedecked in Honda flags, tents, bikes and vans. The only thing we forgot was to give them the posters we had organized especially for the event. Trent was visibly stoked with his very own set of posters of himself that he could give away at future events, showing his gratefulness to Blue Wing just as many of the kids leaving the event had done.

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