28 February 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Whangarei Hit and Run

With the Waiotira Honda Kids Camp the same weekend as round one of the nz mx nationals things were always going to be tight, but it would be rude not to make the most of the trip!

Ross Taylor is the generous fellow who lent Broxy his CRF450R for the Dash for Cash last year and this time it was his idea to host some coaching at their property on the outskirts of the Whangarei township.

Theresa was first up and keen to increase her ability to keep up with her son and husband for the up coming Campout. It really was perfect with plenty of cornering and standing skills to work on over the next three days.

No blowing wind up these lads

Three skilled young teenagers had their turn next- Alister Bain, Jamie Stopp and Troy Taylor. A figure eight was a great way to brush up on their skills on the ground before hitting the stutters and double jumps on the main track. After increasing their ability to power hard off up ramps and whip the bike to handle a gust of wind it was a natural thing for them to clear both of the big jumps, something two of them had never done before but will certainly be enjoying more of in the future!

After pushing his own boundaries jumping a step up as big as he could without hitting the neighbours fence, Broxy then headed to Waiotira for the Campout. A good sleep in the van led to a morning spree of signature signings, shirt selling and giveaways with one of the bigger family groups on camp before hitting the coaching paddock.

Tackling Trees

This time a large lump of dirt was the challenge for many after working on clutch control. At the very end Broxy took one group to a log that could have been custom made for the purpose. While most worked their skills within their comfort zone one very gutsy KTM65 rider attempted the biggest part a number of times. Even getting spat out of control to spin out after the log wasn’t enough to put him off and he was pushing his little wheels to their limits once again.

Straight home from there to catch a flight early the next morning, lets go racing!

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