13 February 2012 / Broxy Camps

Whangarei Kids Camp

A change is as good as a holiday- especially if it is for a Honda Kids Camp! Our venue for this years Honda Kids Camp at Waiotira was in a small nook of the same farm it used to be, which meant two good things- new trails to play on and less space for everyone to spread out. For Broxy it also gave great scopeĀ for the compulsory demonstration session…

First was plenty of riding, an excellent night of meeting and greeting before a bunch of coaching sessions the next morning. The highlight was definitely seeing one brave girl conquer a log Broxy had set up for that purpose- no doubt she will remember that lesson.

Something totally unrelated was Chris Powers’ sister getting too keen and going down hard. She was definitely enjoying the Nitrous Oxide her friendly medic was giving her.

Fortunately Broxy did not need any of that stuff himself despite some big attempts at clearing the hill. Throwing a few tricks into the fray for good measure, the boys and girls made plenty of noise thanks in part to some revving up by Blue Wing Honda mechanic Micah. After the demo most riders then carried on up the road to a demo of a different kind, involving some close shaves on a number of wide eyed sheep.

Next up is another new venue near Hamilton before Masterton and a planned camp at Te Anau to finish it all off. If you are holding back on entering one of these, you know what to do.

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