6 June 2017 / Broxy Coaching

What’s Good for You- Leightons

Some people are intelligent enough to realise that they need help. Our friend Simon was one of those as he learned how to ride a dirt bike last month.

Being a big time advertising man, there was little need for him to learn how to ride a dirt bike; except perhaps as a good distraction. His wife must have seen that need, buying him the kind of voucher that I am sure many husbands would love to receive.

At a sunny Leightons farm I geared him up and showed him the ropes, beginning with much care to know the throttle well. Clutch, brakes, sitting and standing all fell into place soon after. What I enjoyed most was his attitude and intelligence.

Quick Learner

I was careful to give him the points that would help him the most, to which he responded with attention and energy. He has experience as a snowboard instructor, meaning that he knew the importance of learning and had a natural inclination towards some of the styles.

He certainly loved the electric start on his steed, but didn’t need it very much. He even adapted the techniques to things I hadn’t mentioned yet, such as holding the sweet spot of the clutch on the slow part of a hill, which is exactly the point.

Thanks to having the right attitude and a high level of intelligence, Simon excelled to the point where I would happily let him loose on a track. While we didn’t do that on the day, I’m sure he will have a really good time on his next days riding. He had just better make sure he keeps his enjoyment in check as an out of control dirt bike obsession wouldn’t be fair on his wife, seeing as she got him started in the first place…

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