28 September 2012 / Broxy Coaching

“Who let the dogs out!”


Lapping it up

Ask early enough and you may be surprised what we are able to do for you. An example? How about two days with Broxy exclusively helping you and your mates, riding two different tracks, getting fed roasts one night and venison steaks the other with accommodation included if you don’t mind taking over our lounge, garage or Chloe’s room at night. This month we made it happen, and all for no more than two normal coaching sessions.

VMX guru Steve Gallichan had a few guys asking him to organize a couple of days exclusively with Broxy so we reserved a Friday and Saturday a few months out. As is so often the case, the people he had organized the session for bailed out on him, leaving him near cancelling the whole thing more than once. In the end though there was enough riders booked to make it worthwhile so out came all the tricks.

Turning Yesterdays Dreams into Todays Reality

Class is in

Day one was at the Broxy Track, the second at another excellent private track where the lads had a ball. The fact that this one had recently been groomed probably didn’t hurt. The first day I went easy on them, the second was intense. What does four solid hours of training sound like? In this case, old school!

In the end the only ones missing anything were those who had not come, these ‘old dogs’ were learning some great new tricks, just check out the pics to see the proof.

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