15 March 2011 / Broxy Racing

Win at 6 hour!

Karl and Pete

Karl and Pete

“If Greg was meaning me as the ‘secret weapon’ then he got a dud!”

Two hours into this 6 hour race all I had accomplished so far was to lose over one and a half minutes on my team mates main rival, Rory Mead.
Karl started the race in third with Rory out front. At the end of the first 30 minute lap he had made his way into the lead with a small seven second buffer on his contemporary which remained the same after the second lap for our swap over.

Rookie mistake

Saddling up I soon discovered that the enduro jacket I was wearing to fit in with the crowd was making my neck brace ride up like Quasimoto. I could hardly stand up without it stopping me seeing where I was going and when my goggles started fogging badly I was feeling very much the rookie with these silly mistakes.

Rory caught me through some trees and passed me less than 10 minutes into the first lap when I missed a turn, practically giving him the lead. He then proceeded to pull away by 40 seconds on  lap one and a whole minute on lap two.

Time to shine

Karl then pulled finger for us and made up 30 seconds a lap on Rory who was doing the event solo. When my turn came we were 30 seconds behind and I had a lot to prove.

To be honest I was lobbying hard for Karl to do the next two laps as well! Riding much better I only lost 10 seconds to Rory on the first lap and then held with him for the second lap.

Maybe not knowing the track had been a bigger part of losing so much time in the first couple of laps than I had realized.


Whether that had anything to do with what happened next I don’t know but with the next change over the man who had made the race so difficult and fun pulled out of the race.

Now we had mainly the track to race with two sets of Bay Honda riders a fair bit behind us. The rain continued to filter down the next three hours also, making for a slippery and challenging track that caught out many players.


Karl and I rode on to the win, the sixth time in the events history to have one of the Power boys Karl or his cousin Chris in the first position. Glad that I wasn’t the cause of that failing again it was a welcome relief to help Karl through the checkered flag and then get out of wet gear and fill up on a massive feed thanks to Castrol!

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