6 March 2018 / Featured Events

Win a Free Broxy Coaching Session with Motul

Thanks to Motul NZ, anyone attending a coaching session with us from now until the end of April has the chance to win a free coaching session.

  • Just get a photo with Motul product or a Motul logo at one of your training camps or days and put it up on social media.
  • Tag Motul New Zealand, Broxy Rider Coaching and use the #werunmotul. This puts you in the draw to win a Dirt Bike Coaching Group Session.
  • The winner will be drawn in early May and we will be in touch with them to attend one of our future group coaching sessions.

That give you two months to have a coaching session and a chance to win, so if we are seeing you soon then don’t forget to get that photo and post it!

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