2 November 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Quick trip South

“Mum is going to have a heart attack if I don’t learn to corner properly and crash through another electric fence!” Remember Daniel Bell’s plea in the Honda Kids Club mag? It won him a free one on one coaching session with Broxy and it was Mum who had to bring the family up and watch!

She kept her cool as Daniel got put through his paces on the mini track, even when he went down on one of the jumps. It was definitely the right move as he got back up before long to jump them even better than before. For someone who has never raced he picked up confidence very quickly and it sounds like we will be seeing more of him as he would probably enjoy a session like this more than a week long cricket camp any time.

Shepherds Delight

Broxy spent the last few hours of daylight coaching Shaun Thompson late into the evening with a red sky boding good news for this traveller. Leading the way then chasing again he pushed Shaun on the hard surface that is the venue for the Michael Godfrey Memorial, Christchurch’s biggest race on the MX calendar each year. Shaun had struggled here in the past but came away with a huge boost in confidence- able to both lay into a corner with the throttle off and hit a jump without powering off the top- two advanced but very effective skills to learn.

Taking full advantage of having Broxy down they then met up at Pleasant Point the very next day for some intense refinement. He railed difficult ruts, cleared jumps for the first time and at the end of the day blew everyone away with a quickest time almost four seconds faster than his previous best. When asked if he had cut the track to get such a stunning time he replied “No, I just found my groove”. Hopefully he could keep it for the race that weekend…


An import from Brazil who called himself “Junior” got his first taste of coaching and seemed to like what he found. He powered so hard out of one corner that he had to discard his bike mid air on the next jump as he hadn’t expected to be going so much faster! Fortunately it was caught on camera where we could then work on his jumping. The way he described it was like finding gold as he put his downhill mountain bike experience into play.

Also out at the lovely Plesasant Point track the McLaughlan boys got their booster shot in preparation for the upcoming mini nationals. A small amount of overnight precipitation kept the dust at bay and meant care was needed at first before the boys could start really hooking out of the flowing Club track. The two brothers got feet back on pegs early and soaking landings with ease- but it was using the inside two fingers on his levers that gave the biggest challenge, it might take a while to get used to the idea that gripping the bars is much stronger when done with the outside of your hands.

Training how to Train

“I want to qualify when the senior nationals come here” was Brodie’s request. Coaching someone with a goal makes life much easier and it wasn’t going to be too difficult to achieve with a good base to work from with Brodie showing plenty of speed and great consistency. Getting the stop watch out again Broxy trained him how to train by breaking up motos with sections and sprint work, even giving him the bones of a strategy to keep to for qualifying. Time will tell so bring on the nats!


There was time to stop in at the Backflips SuperX track to check out the changes and give it a test ride. Gettting the rhythms going didn’t take too long so Broxy then hung around to help put the finishing touches to the track and make sure there was plenty of different options to take. Should be good for when he heads back down just before the Dunedin Super X this month for the supercross training day there!

Birthday Baker

A large group of farm kids assembled for the compulsory trip to Kurow, a small town on the border of Canterbury and Otago that has a large riding heritage. Most of the regulars were there including the Kennedy kids, Jared and the Taylor boys. Mixing it up again the coaching centered on obstacles and hills so the riders weren’t controlled by their bikes. The boys provided the laughs with thrills and spills while the girls overcame their fears with just a little persuasion. The best part came at lunchtime when birthday boy George had a big table of party food laid out for him including a cake made by Hugh and Broxy himself. Apparently it passed the taste test but definitely not as cool as the “Jump cake” made by Mum.

A big thanks to the Chapman family, the McKnights (great whitebait fritters by the way), the Batchelors and Paul Stackhouse for their outstanding hospitality, the south island truly has a heart of gold.

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