1 September 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Winners Strive for the Cup

Richie Hamilton entered our draw to win $500 worth of BRC products and coaching not because he was hoping to win. In fact, with his past record he didn’t think he had a chance- he just wanted to book in for a session. So when he heard that he had been randomly drawn for the prize it was a big surprise. He went home a happy man after a busy session and a stack of freebies piled high in his arms.


The KTM Cup has been well publicized as a major junior event and with it due to hit Tokoroa September 18th we offered our clients the chance to get some tips and track time there with us, with a good number taking the opportunity.

Get your Groove on

The Hardwidge siblings are two hard chargers. Both riders had chosen bikes on the large size for their group session, along with Daniel White starting out on his new 85. The problem was that it limited their freedom of movement. Getting them back on the smaller bikes got their boogie moving and we could really get in to it with some real results. It was our first session with the Hardwidge kids since the Huntly mini nationals day we held last year and along with Dylan Ryan giving it heaps, they really started nailing those ruts.

On a Roll

We have been watching the rapid rise of Brodie Connolly over the past few months with great interest. He has been carving the lap times down like crazy so the challenge was to keep that going at Tokoroa. We discovered that his main need was body movement while standing- a big challenge for little legs but if he continues doing the drills at home you should soon see an even more confident Mr Connolly- look out world!


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