23 July 2019 / Rider Profile

Winning Attitudes At Wairoa

It had been over years since I had coached him, and having become a sturdy 16 year old I wasn’t sure just how much of our work he would choose to take on board. Free will can be a stubborn thing.

Fortunately it can also be a good thing, because at the Wairoa camp we held during the school holidays he was back, and I can honestly tell you that I was completely blown away with Ethan’s new style.


It seems a bit mean to focus only on the one rider when so many have shown big improvements, and I’m sure those riders know who you are. The reason Ethan stands out has a lot to do with the fact that not only did he choose to do the skills that I was teaching them, he was also 100% dedicated to working on them at home.

To see him using his pointing finger on the front brake was a huge change. It made him look confident and smooth, able to use his brake deep into a corner and control his throttle well. I remember him really struggling to change to that finger, so this was a big win all by itself.

Style For Days

Probably the freakiest and best part thing he has obviously been working on is his standing position. I’m sure you can see from the photos that his arms are bent and his body balanced. He looks ready for anything. This directly translated to his jumping, where big whips will probably be next on the agenda.

Having a teenager with that kind of attitude helped all the younger campers as well, both on the track and playing games in the main hall. There was plenty of mischief going on whenever the bikes were turned off, but it was all within reason and when the bikes were going it was definitely game on.

With an attitude like this I am sure that Ethan will go a long way in life, and hopefully help plenty of others choose that same path.

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