2 February 2012 / Broxy Racing

Woodville Warriors

The Honda International Woodville event brings a lot of riders out of the woodwork, and highlights some of the biggest names in NZ motocross. Widely recognized as the biggest Mx on the Nz calendar, this is the kind of platform that breeds champions. 

Incy Wincy Spider

The minis and juniors got the worst of it with Day 1 being called off after 3 hours of heavy rain – we’ve seen what damage can be done at Woodville so it was a good call on behalf of the organisers, making the intensity and andrenaline build up for yet another day before racing began on the Saturday.

Little Tikes On Big Bikes

Nearly every mini and junior class had riders we were supporting, interested to see how they would get on and some showing some top results. Brodie Connolly and Ryan Webley continued to have their battle with podium 1 and 2 finishes consecutively followed up by Bailey Hardwidge for 3rd in the 7-8 65 cc class.
We caught up with Hadleigh Griffiths and Calvin Nicoll on the Sunday who were both competing in the massive 11-12yrs 85cc class. Hadleigh had qualified impressively only to have his bike blow up on race day, so despite the result, he knows he has the goods to carry on with for the rest of the season. This was another class where over half the riders had seen us at some time for coaching making it hard to know who to cheer for!

The Big Guns

Having the minis and juniors prime the track for the seniors, they were ready for action come Sunday morning. Broxy had vapoured his Saturday night away in the hope of clearing his congested head, hoping to stay in control of the bike and get the starts he was hoping for.
Three good starts and pacing himself he pulled out a 5th, 5th and 3rd to take 4th for the day. However when it came time for the feature race, he resulted in being 7th over the line, but 1st 250! Perhaps the egging on from the bigger 450’s motivated the fast paced feature result.
The MX1’s are proving to be a real show stopper this year with an array of talent and depth in this field. This is anyone’s game with team Honda’s Justin McDonald and Ben Townley showing they both want that podium finish with Coppins, Coops, Columb and Carter not looking like they want to give it up either.

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