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Coaching Options

Just let us know which sounds like you and we can tee up a coaching session soon!

General Coaching

Locations mostly in the Central North Island area, with some trips further afield.


1 on 1

1.5 hrs, $290

1 on 2

2 hrs, $250 per rider

1 on 3

2.5 hrs, $210 per rider

4 or more riders

3 hours, $170 per rider

Note; GST inclusive but not including track fees

Also note; 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 coaching sessions may not be available. 

IMG_3050 (2).jpg

Custom Long-term Plan

Want a set budget for regular coaching lessons? 

To be able to plan your calendar well in advance?

Get your loved one (or yourself) fitter, faster and safer with:


  • weekly guidance for your riding at any tracks that you ride between coaching sessions

  • accountability similar to a gym membership, plus 10% off all training sessions

  • progress report from Broxy for the time period that you choose

  • a long-term approach towards making changes (that last)

Things to discuss with Broxy


Look at what you can afford


Decide where you can travel to


Plan ahead to make the most of any days off

Get in Touch!

Armed with this information we can come up with a plan

Large Group Coaching

Organise some people and we can come to you.


Great for schools, clubs, ladies only days and private groups.


The time can be split into smaller groups according to skill level.

Note; Sundays unavailable


Club Coaching

$90 per rider for up to 4 hours


Book well in advance

Rider Numbers

6 riders or more

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