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Safety Briefing

Thank you for signing up for this Broxy Rider Coaching session. Motorcycling is dangerous, and by participating in this day you take certain risks and are exposed to dangers. This is how we ask you to minimise these dangers:

1.       Track Rules

1.1.    Spectators on the track must be careful - Anyone who enters the track area needs to take extreme care of oncoming bikes at all times. Children need the guidance of an adult.

1.2.    DO NOT speed or ride dangerously when off the track

1.3.    Must wear a helmet if moving on a motorbike, in pits or on track.

1.4.    All riders must wear appropriate safety gear / apparel. It is compulsory to wear at ALL TIMES when on your bike; helmet, boots and pants. We also recommend riding shirt, body armour, knee guards and goggles.

1.5.    NO PASSING lead rider during practice until they pull off, NO JUMPING on these laps.

1.6.    No deliberate contact between riders - Keep the riding clean/no dangerous passing. If you are holding up another rider let them pass you but DO NOT swerve, keep to your line.

1.7.    Track ENTRY and EXIT points – SLOW and CHECK for oncoming traffic when entering the track, and be ready to stop. Carefully pull off to exit side when exiting to avoid another rider hitting you that is not exiting.

1.8.    DO NOT stop in a potentially dangerous place on track

1.9.    Ride track in correct direction – If you are unsure, carefully pull off to the side of track, then stop and wait for another rider that knows what direction to ride in.

1.10.    Respect the property. Leave gates as you find them, take rubbish home and keep your skids on the track only.

1.11.    All participants are responsible for the safe keeping of their property.

1.12.    Adhere to the rules - All competitors must observe and obey track rules stipulated at the riders briefing unless instructed by Coach, or disciplinary actions will be taken.

1.13.    You have declared any medical conditions for us to be aware of. If there is anything you have not told us that in any way could be relevant to your performance on this course, please let Broxy know.

1.14.    Notify your coach before leaving a coaching session, they need to know where each rider is.

1.15.    DO NOT follow other riders too close - especially over jumps or other obstacles you don’t have good vision over the other side of.

2.       Emergency Medical Staff

2.1.    See Broxy for any first aid requirements, or if a rider seems to be injured on the track, or for any major concerns.

If he is unavailable, there is safety equipment and an Emergency Response Plan to be found if you open side door of Broxy van and look under single seat to your right. 

2.2.    Serious Procedure;

    2.2.1.    If another rider has an accident your first priority is to make sure other riders will not hit the injured rider or their bike.

    2.2.2.    When oncoming traffic has been diverted and you have a safe space, check the injured rider and seek help. 

    2.2.3.   Do not move an injured rider until advised.

    2.2.4.    When the 1st Aiders are on the scene and no longer need your assistance please make your way back to the pit area.

    2.2.5.    DO NOT stop on track when there is a crash – ALWAYS pull off to stop unless protecting a rider on the ground from oncoming traffic.

3.       Track conditions

It is crucial that riders check out the track with care, taking note of the conditions before riding at a faster pace. This includes dust or mud, bumps, jumps, holes, water, ruts and more. Even if you have ridden a track that same day, after some time off the track you should still do a slower lap first to check for changes to the conditions including the potential of machinery and living creatures that have moved on to the track.

4.       Housekeeping

4.1.    Drink lots of water.

4.2.    Have food available.

4.3.    Wash hands before meals.

4.4.    Ask Broxy if needing direction to find toilets.

4.5.    Take appropriate rest breaks during the day. If at any time you feel ill / tired / in pain please advise Broxy immediately and we will decide how to proceed. 

4.6.    Please refrain from smoking within a 20 metre radius of any vehicles, bikes or fuel, and please no smoking if there is a fire ban or dry conditions. 

4.7.    In case of emergency the meeting point will be Broxy’s van unless that is too dangerous. Please wait until you are told to depart the venue by a relevant authority. 

4.8    Relevant authority will either be Broxy, an emergency responder or a responsible adult in the group should Broxy not be around or able.

5.       Any questions?

Please email us or call Peter on 021 590 593 or ask on the day.

6.       Waiver signing compulsory  
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