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Broxy Rider Coaching

See a better riding style that lasts!

Suitable for all dirt bike disciplines and skill levels

Join Broxy for individual or group dirt bike coaching sessions. 

Relatable lessons that are awesome for growing rider safety, building relationships with others and getting the results you want to see.

Wear Cardo Intercoms for clear advice "in the heat of the moment".

Use the latest video-analysis tools.

Get sent videos of the session to help lock-in the lessons.


"...since the lesson with Broxy his self belief has increased 10 fold. I don’t know what you did Broxy but it was like magic. You have a natural gift at teaching and imparting confidence and self belief into kids."


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Who is the Coach?

Get to know the man that has been training Kiwi talent as his full-time job since 2003.

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