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Sand Riding

Similar to mud riding but with less mess, sand riding can be a load of fun. It can also become an absolute nightmare. So this months riding tip will be a step towards helping you in dealing with this potential snake pit.

Higher Gears

It is crucial that you still listen to your bike when slowing before a corner and shift down as needed, because third gear is so much better than second in most corners. It might feel like you are at risk of stalling, but simply learn to ride with a finger on the clutch just in case. Hopefully you will hardly need the clutch but it will help put your mind at ease.

A higher gear keeps the revs low and torque high, encouraging cornerspeed as the bike can be much more stable. It also helps you stay smooth, which is crucial in the sand or mud. Stay up in the gears a little, and watch your confidence grow.

Turning Point

There is always one part of every section that is the worst part, so identify the worst part and turn more before or after it. Most people have just one setting and they pay for it with less speed and more danger. Identify the hole or sharp part of the corner that is waiting to punish you, then be a little brave in the nicer bits to turn there instead. Not only will your lap times improve tremendously, so will your safety and enjoyment.

Next Time

I will break this lesson into two parts to give you time to actually practice and understand what I have mentioned above. Hopefully see you next month for other crucial tips on sand/mud riding!


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