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Regular coaching with Broxy!

Want to see a better riding style that lasts? Coaching sessions are awesome and overnight camps are even better. But the ideal is regular coaching! The ultimate motivation to change the hard habits is knowing that their coach will be seeing them again soon- because progress is much easier than pushups!

Are you ready?!

People are wanting regular coaching more than ever. We used to get the odd request here and there, but now it seems that every second person wants it. Hence a new move for us as we aim to make it easier for people to get what they want.

Starting immediately we will be starting a new list for those who want regular coaching. We will be going over each person on that list on a regular basis and emailing them a list of coaching dates that are close to their area depending on their request. For many we will also add suggestions for coaching dates in Tauranga to fill any large gaps. At least until we find a better way to organise things.

People can begin getting in touch with us immediately. The details we need are;

  • Where you are from and rider level (if we don’t already know)

  • Locations you are willing to travel to

  • How regular you are keen to have it

Riders have to be willing to be put in small groups with other riders, although private coaching is possible for Tauranga dates.

It will build relationships even more and encourage continued updates on progress/results on the weekends. While we can’t do extra discounts at this stage we will soon be giving them merchandise as they improve.

Get in touch soon, and we are happy to consider any suggestions you might have.


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