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Primary/Intermediate Schools MX Series

The moto world in NZ is booming! New riders that first got bikes after the initial lockdown are loving this as a new sport, and many of those that were sort of ho-hum about the sport have suddenly been sucked into the all-consuming addiction that so many of us have enjoyed for years.

What is driving this surge? Many things, but perhaps the coolest are the schools MX races that are growing at a rapid pace.

“I have a dream”

It was through the vision of Maurice Hayman, (and others), that have unified many of them into an awesome series. With overall glory on the line, (trophies supplied by Broxy Rider Coaching as title sponsors), families traveled from all over to race the final round at Ruakaka track near Whangarei.

Being right next to the beach it is naturally a sandy track. To say that this was a challenge for some is to put it mildly. There were plenty of spills as riders learned the hard way, but through it all there was possibly the best vibe that I have felt at an MX race for years.


Yes, I was there, and it was epic. To see many of my riders excelling was epic, as was having so many of them on the podium.

That was literally the case when it came time for the overall schools prize as the top team ended up being the Coastal Taranaki school who swarmed that podium in chaotic scenes!

Our sport is thriving, and the release that it gives is just what so many young people need these days.


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